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Lupita and the Magic of Mexico

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Book Progress

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"Lupita and the Magic of Mexicois a story of love, peace, and unity told through a child’s perspective.  Lupita’s adventure takes its readers on a journey through Mexico while discovering the Latino-American culture in each pages. 

This inspirational children’s book is a current work in progress in collaboration between BantigueARTS and the author, Carolina Fonseca Jimenez.

Meet the Author

Carolina Fonseca Jimenez - President of the NCDP Hispanic American Caucus.

- - "Your dream doesn't have to align with anyone else's". 

- - "Lupita is at the core of who I am. I believe that her spirit is one that can cross any border. She is what keeps me going when times get tough. There are a million Lupitas out there who want a better life, who want to know peace, love, and unity. Lupita's books will cross borders and will help unify our communities".

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Intro to Lupita's Journey

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