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Lupita and the Magic of Mexico
By Guadalupe Carolina Fonseca Jiménez




96 x 96 VTOL
12.50 25.00
12.50 25.00
10.00 20.00
Recon (SPIE)
10.00 20.00
All Might
10.00 20.00
10.00 20.00
10.00 20.00
Scarlet Witch
10.00 20.00


BantigueARTS provides a wide variety of art services.  Below you will find three categories to help you get started.  


The Fine Art department provides a wide variety of timeless traditional art services.  Selection includes the following but are not limited to:

1.  Portraits

2.  Landscapes

3.  Murals

4.  Illustrations

5.  Custom Canvas


The Custom Art department is where Clients ideas come to life.  Each custom is meticulously hand painted combined with extra polish of care and attention to detail.  

1.  Shoes

2.  Helmets

3.  And many more

If you can ship it, we can paint it.


The Digital Art department provides the cleanest graphic designs.  Selection includes the following but are not limited to:

1.  Logo

2.  T-Shirt graphics

3.  Flyers

4.  Posters

5.  Typography 

Meet the Owner & Artist



A multidisciplinary artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina and a Marine Corps Veteran with 8 years of service in active duty. Born in the Philippines and a product of a broken family, drawing became an outlet for him as a way of coping within the daily life of living in rural province of Cavite. He was later adopted by his Aunt and Uncle and moved to Manila. With their care and support, he continued devoting himself creating and studying art in different styles and medium. Art became his passion, and it led him to developed a keen interest on pop culture and fine arts; winning multiple titles in journalistic art contests while growing up in the city. In October 2006, he moved to the Unites States to continue his education and to experience the American culture. While finishing the last couple years of High School, he worked at several freelance art jobs, painting commissioned murals and have also won various art competitions. In October 2009, with a sense of pride and patriotism, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. In training, he was chosen to be the “Art Recruit” producing creative artwork for display as a symbol of pride in the platoon. After arriving to his first unit, his undeniable skills were immediately discovered by his superiors and this allowed him the opportunity to paint several murals aboard the S.S. Wright in Baltimore, S.S. Curtiss in San Diego and Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field, Bogue North Carolina.  Since then, his artistic abilities have expanded into numerous categories such as drawing, painting, sculpting, photography and digital arts. After 8 years of honorable service, he now owns and operate a multidisciplinary design company that provides each client’s creative needs ranging but not limited to custom, digital and fine art.